Jemelin is a presenter, actress and self-made entrepreneur, originally from Venezuela came to the UK 18 years ago, started as everyone has and has managed to grow over the years to where she is right now.

Involved in the world of films she has worked next to A-listers like, Michael Pena, Brad Pitt, Will Poulter just to name a few and have been involved in independent films and series by fox Television. Her first TV Debut was for a TV show called shopaholic showdown by TLC a fashion competition with judges like Holly Valance and Fashion expert Brix Smith, where she managed to win the competition against 3 others.

Jemelin made her debut in the world of business 3 years ago and runs a very successful global health and beauty business helping others create a home-based online income. She took her business Idea to the BBC show The Apprentice and was chosen as one of series 2019 candidates and made it to week 7.

She has also presented in a Miami televised show La TV America, a news and show business series called En Contacto TV. Among presenting in many live events and interviews.

She has a proven record that no matter where you come from you can always build something for your self, but her biggest passion is to help others achieve success.

Jemelin Hot hour show will be dedicated to sharing self-development, business insight, celebrity guest, and much more.

Jemelin Artigas
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