Sarah & George Choy are Financial Freedom Experts and Property Investors in the UK.

They are self-made millionaires and were able to become financially free when Sarah was only 39 years old — never needing to work again. They now spend their time helping other people to achieve their own freedom, so that they can live their dreams.

They own £2 million of investment property, plus have £3 million of properties under development. They have deliberately designed their property business to be as passive as possible – and teach people to build a business rather than make another “job”.

Authors of two, number-one best-selling books: Retire Now and Stealth Millionaire.

Sarah previously worked at an Estate and Letting Agent. George was in Financial Services.

The couple live in Kent with their two young kids and a cat. They also love health and fitness, and previously worked as a nutritional consultant and Personal Trainer.


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Sarah and George Choy
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Sarah and George Choy
Our very own self-made millionaires are here with plenty of advice to help you become financially free and live your dreams.
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